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Swimming Pool Guide

What Tools Do You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean?


Swimming pools are a good place to relax during a hot day. A swim at the pool can also help lose weight for anyone with weight problems. With so many people taking a swim at the pool and the exposure to all sorts of dirt and germs, there is need for the pool owners to maintain cleanliness at all times to avoid any kind of illnesses and infections. There are specific kinds of tools that are used to clean pools.


Sweeping and Cleaning Tools.


Most people prefer to have their swimming pools built outside the house which makes sense why they get dirty so quickly. When it's windy the water the water is exposed to leaves and dust. The rain also sweeps all other kinds of dirt from other places and drops them in the pool which makes the water unsafe for swimming. To clean such deposits in the water, a sweeping and cleaning tool will do the job well. While this tool is pocket friendly, a more advanced tool with suction and pressure options do the job better and saves one a lot of time. There are more advanced cleaners in the market now that won't need you to use any energy since they are robotic.


Filters for Pool Cleaning.


A filter is very essential for all pools in keeping the water free from dirt. You can find out further details about this when you view the site at There are three types of filters that a pool can have namely; sand filters, D.E filters and cartridge filters. A sand filter does the work of cleaning the water of any sand. The D.E operates almost the same as the sand filter but the difference is that it uses some kind of powder that is used to coat grids that traps any sand particles that pass through the grid.


Pool Sanitizers.


Sweating is a must whenever one swims. Lotions are also bound to get washed as people swim. This is why every pool owner must add sanitizers in the pool to clean such and any germs present in the pool. Most people use chlorine which comes in form of tablets and sticks. However, some do not like how it smells so they prefer either bromine or biguanide.


Water test kits.


Water in the pool can get contaminated at any time which is why a pool maintenance test kit is needed to check any kinds of chemicals available. Ensure that you test the water one per week. A test strip is very affordable and easy to use. Just dip the strip and compare it with the chart provided by the manufacturer. If you don't like it you can always buy a digital strip.


You Need a Cover for the Pool.


There is really not much explanation needed as to why a pool needs to be covered. You may think that because your pool is built inside a room that its free from dirt but this is not so; you still need to invest in a pool cover for the pool closing nj